Facebook Digest – May 2016

Intervention by Horse Lords (271 people reached) Your Band Sucks Mixtape (539 people reached) IHRTN Showcase Mix (110 people reached) Thurston Moore Intro to Masonna on 120 Minutes (34,000 people reached) Bits o’ News – Sonic Youth/Melvins/Sunn O))) (875 people reached) New York Junk – Love Song to My Mirror (242 people reached) The Antidote […]

Spool’s Out – Episodes 1 Through 4

Spool’s Out is a monthly feature on The Quietus, and weekly radio show and podcast on Resonance FM delving into the subculture of new music released on cassette tape, aiming to find the very best new releases from around the world. The radio show has featured a myriad of guest interviewees, live sessions, and guest DJ […]

Recent IHRTN Posts Roundup

Guest Mixes Haasan Barclay (tweet) Silver Shields (tweet) Famous Breathers (tweet)   Reviews Pulco – Solid Geometry EP (tweet) Ed Balloon + Grypt + Iceberg Black/AJ Suede + Shady Van Gogh + Sassyblack (tweet)   Misc 6 Degrees of Separation with David Glossner / Famous Breathers (tweet) Josh’s Digital Bins – 1-10 (tweet) Q&A with Very […]

Roundup: Josh’s Digital Bins – 1-10

A run through digital bins created by OnPirateSat – highlighting the best of underground bands/artists! See the corresponding Twitter thread here   Bin #1 Ex-Cult, Mothers, Tanner Fite, Phone Home, Savages   Bin #2 Rebel Kind, Deadbeat Beat, Ghostplay, Shearwater, Ty Segall   Bin #3 Leeches of Lore, Deer God, Thirty Silver, Rubber Clown Car, DIIV   […]