7 Guest Mixes from 2017

Wrekmeister Harmonies – Favorite Podcasts + Music + Movies Nine Over 9 by Mario Epstein Grubbs Heart Noise by David Grubbs Doom Mix Sampler by Doom Trip Records Bay Area Mix by Diego Aguilar-C. (Noriegas) Best of 2017 Mix by Krzyzis Third Kind Late Night Tapes & Netlabels Mixtape 2017 by Third Kind Records

Recent Headlines – Psych Insight Music

Psych Insight Music is a music blog based in Sheffield, UK started in 2013 by Simon and focused on “exploration of fuzz, garage, stoner, doom, ‘kraut’, space, jazz, prog, punk and many points in between and beyond”. Here’s a run through 5 recent PIM posts: Playlist 7/2017 – featuring Stupid Cosmonaut, Skyjelly, Cosmic Triggers, Dead Sea Apes, […]

Facebook Digest – May 2016

Intervention by Horse Lords (271 people reached) Your Band Sucks Mixtape (539 people reached) IHRTN Showcase Mix (110 people reached) Thurston Moore Intro to Masonna on 120 Minutes (34,000 people reached) Bits o’ News – Sonic Youth/Melvins/Sunn O))) (875 people reached) New York Junk – Love Song to My Mirror (242 people reached) The Antidote […]