Review – Memorygarden禅 – Districtアトランティス (Constellation Tatsu)

Memorygarden禅 (pronounced Memorygardenzen i think) makes “vaporwave”. Let’s all pause here to take a moment and understand a little about vaporwave before going forward. According to Urban dictionary Vaporwave is: mall music elevator music ironic critique of global capitalism in the form of sample based infomercials and home shopping networks So you could say it’s kind […]

Review – Psychic Lemon – Frequency Rhythm Distortion Delay (Tonzonen Records)

Oh FFS, this talented bunch know how to punch all my buttons without even trying. Recalling early Russian Circles / Secret Machines / Mugstar (no bad thing to this punter) with relentless motorik drumming, interstellar acid-guitar soloing, occasional buried vocals and a Kosmische Musik sensibility, this five-track release (soon available on purple and black spatter […]