Flashback – Melvins and Rush share the stage!

Cow Palace, S.F. – 2/12/94. The majority of the Rush crowd HATED the Melvins and booed them, so the Melvins played slower just to piss them off. It was amazing! i_am_ümlaut Truth is stranger than fiction, as they say, and the best proof is strange tour pairings – to witness: Exhibit A: Sonic Youth and Neil Young […]

On Tap – Bohren & Der Club of Gore, Melvins, Tomahawk

German ambient-doom unit Bohren & Der Club of Gore is heading out on a European tour this spring. So far, the dates were announced for shows in Germany, Czech Republic and Turkey with more to come. Check out the band’s official FB page for more info. Melvins got a new record out! Albeit, it’s all […]

Show Review – Melvins Lite (w/ Tweak Bird) at the Paradise (01.10.12)

“Are you guys in line for a comedy?” Admittedly, I’m not the biggest fan of Freak Puke – Melvins most recent LP. While not a complete abomination a-la Load or Cold Lake, Puke is still far from being ideal – good record from a band that can do much, much better. Safe to say, when […]

IHRTN Posts Roundup – Comps, Cows, Unsane, LPD and more!

Songs I Like To Sing Preview – Pt. 2 Archival Mixtape #4 – Cows Album Highlight – Cows – Peacetika (1991) Link Of The Day – Legendary Pink Dots / Edward Ka-Spel on Bandcamp Unsane Special – Grand Finale Tomahawk In The News – Eponymous to Anonymous + Details on Oddfellows Melvins In The News […]