On Tour – No Age / Lightning Bolt

Dates: February – May 2018 Places: US, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, France, UK Stream/listen to three tracks off of Snare Like a Haircut on NA’s Bandcamp page and/or buy an LP from Drag City Snares Like A Haircut by No Age Dates: February – April 2018 Places: New York, Washington, Baltimore, Raleigh, Knoxville, Louisville, Chicago, Cleveland, […]

Lightning Bolt – new album, new video and a tour!

About 15 years ago, Lightning Bolt‘s members set up on the floor in the living-room area of a fourth-floor residential loft in Brooklyn. Sweating in full-body knitwear and ski masks, they rolled out stacks of amplifiers and a massive drum kit, then proceeded to blast the 50- or 60-person audience through the sheet rock. Even […]

Watch / Listen – The Flaming Lips With Lightning Bolt EP

Early 2011 saw the release a collaborative 12-inch EP between Lightning Bolt and Flaming Lips (via Lovely Sorts Of Death / Warner Bros). The 4-track EP is available in its entirety on Youtube thanks to Psychic Explorations Of The Future Heart and Flaming Lips Free. Check out the clips below: 1.  I’m Working At NASA […]