Guest Mix – Carry the Zero

Named after Built to Spill song of the same name, CtZ is a Boston blog run by Justin Cole   Lady Bones This band might only be a three piece, but their sound is thick. Nearly everything about 2015’s Dying exists in the low end: the murky bass lines, the rumbling crawl of the toms, […]

Guest Mix – Rodney Cromwell

Hi. I’m Rodney Cromwell and I make a big-hearted lo-fi analogue synthpop noise. I had an album out in 2015 called ‘Age of Anxiety’ (on Happy Robots) which quite a few people liked, which was great (and surprising). The theme of this playlist is ‘music to escape to’. I’ve been rattling these tunes around […]

Guest Mix – Ghosts of Sailors at Sea

Ghosts of Sailors at Sea is an instrumental quartet from Boston, MA that to date recorded 2 LPs and one split with Brooklyn’s Cavallo Red Sky Morning, their latest, was described by Metalsucks as  richly orchestrated, atmospheric post-rock that invites the listener to choose from any number of journeys given his or her current mood […]