Songs I Like To Sing Preview – Pt. 2

  Another volume of digital covers-only comp. from IHRTN is almost here! In the meantime, here’s another preview of the compilation – grab it on Bandcamp page or check out track-by-track breakdown below:   1. (-_-)  – Squarehead plays Adebisi Shank 2. Wishlist – Ben Houge plays Pearl Jam 3.  True Love Will Find You In The End – Harvey […]

Another Preview of Boston Not La Part Deux!

More music from local artists (and some former Bostonians)….grab the first 19 tracks from the compilation here or check out track-by track breakdown below. Oh, and don’t forget that this one features great artwork courtesy of Frank Germano!   Bands: Destroy Babylon | RIBS | Uranium Daughters | Many Mansions | Skyjelly Static Of The […]

Download – I Heart Noise Compilations

  In addition to being a blog, I Heart Noise is also a digital label which regularly puts out compilations of tracks submitted by friendly artists.   Check out I Heart Noise on Bandcamp to get all the compilations or see a breakdown below to grab comps individually Theory Of Everything – 50 tracks. Featuring […]