Recent Headlines – Psych Insight Music

Psych Insight Music is a music blog based in Sheffield, UK started in 2013 by Simon and focused on “exploration of fuzz, garage, stoner, doom, ‘kraut’, space, jazz, prog, punk and many points in between and beyond”. Here’s a run through 5 recent PIM posts: Playlist 7/2017 – featuring Stupid Cosmonaut, Skyjelly, Cosmic Triggers, Dead Sea Apes, […]

Veterans Day – Flaming Pablum

Flaming Pablum is a brainchild of writer, blogger, father, obsessive music geek and cantankerous native New Yorker Alex Smith. Browsing vast archives of his blog (which extends all the way back to 2005!) is pure joy since Alex picks subjects that you’d rarely encounter in any mainstream publication (or most blogs, for that matter). Here’s just […]