Notes on Boston Bandcamp – 05.10.2016

Things Unseen Music – Futurebright Purty melodies and intricate compositions fill this 5-track EP – the only weak spot in here is vocals as they’re almost always placed at the very end of the song and don’t seem to add much to anything/come off as afterthought (in fact the whole thing probably would’ve worked better […]

Notes on Boston Bandcamp – 08.20.2016

The Judas Sprawl – Liquid Sky Intriguing band name and intriguing sounds within (think melange of heavy beats and extra chirpy synths), but somehow it all never coalesces into anything special (the exception being “Anesthesia” which sounds like Aphex Twin b-side circa late 90s). Its a shame too since there’s clearly something interesting going on, but most of […]

Notes on Bandcamp Boston – 08.12.16

Phil Aiken – Beginner’s Luck Not to be confused with Clay Aiken, Phil delivers an EP of ultra-melodic Beatlesque pop/rock – no revelations to be found here, but its well done and enjoyable for what it is. Disregard the title as this does not feel like the work of beginner. Beginner's Luck by Phil Aiken   […]

Listomania – Bands of Benefest

Yr. guide to Allston’s Rock City finest DIY basement rock-n-roll put together in honor of tonight’s Benefest! Vegans – god damn the practice space is hot. Chandeliers -allston, massachusetts-based three-person indie / punk / whatever Flat Swamp – Theo Hartlett playing instruments and singing songs really loudly.For now! Courters – Humping rock’n roll’s raw tired leg like it contains […]