Stream – Skyjelly – Live at the Midway Cafe

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Skyjelly - Midway Cafe

as far as is known to me SKYJELLY is a one man band situation (sometimes), and a really amazing one (probably the the best since, [welp] Spentman and his MAINE COONS went south with Wendy). Last time I caught one of his sets he nearly blew my mind (and I’m pretty sure he did blow the mind of the guy sitting behind me) @ the Cambridge YMCA some time ago. It’s been far too long since I checked out a live set from this driving, psychedelic tangled mess of fury and bounce.

Dan Shea / Boston Hassle

Listen to a recent show that Providence, RI Skyjelly played at the Midway Cafe in Jamaica Plain.  Expect lots of trippy and soulful grooves, mounds of loops/layers and reverb-drenched guitar solos and vocals.

Other bands/performers on the bill included Wishbone Zoe, The Milling Gowns and Daniel Ouellette.

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