Stream – Localz Only Fall Mixtape 2015

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Allston Pudding - Localz Only 2015

Fallston Pudding got a brand new mixtape which features tracks by two Hassle Fest 7 participants/BBE favorites (Channels and Black Beach) and a number of new faces (Just Mel, Ursula, Leigh Cheri and Aneurysm, to name just a few). Oh, and there’s also a cover of Dicks miscreant anthem Hate the Police (not to confuse with similarly titled NWA song) – albeit, it sounds nothing like the original.

Aw yes… fall! The season and leaves change, but our denim jackets and local music scene still remain the best and most comforting. Listen and download to the newest batch of your favorite and soon to be favorite local bands via Bandcamp below. Side note: your music is best shared, so spread it like almond butter on wheat toast.

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