Roundup – Youtube Playlists

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Label Mix – DFA / Doom Trip / BBiB/ Hausu Mountain

DFAGuerilla Toss, Factory Floor, Eric Copeland

Doom  TripR Stevie Moore, Parallax 48, Skyjelly

Beyond Beyond is BeyondChocolat, Elkhorn, Kikagaku Moyo

Hausu MountainEartheater, Mondo Lava, Tiger Village

Psychedelic New England Extravaganza

Dyr Faser (unsigned/independent)

Skyjelly (Doom Trip / Eggs in Aspic)

Kurt Von Stetten (Static Motor)

Ghost Box Orchestra (unsigned / independent)

The Ocular Audio Experiment (unsigned / independent)

Twink the Toy Piano Band (Disques de Lapin)

Jenova 7 (Cold Busted)

Violet Intent (unsigned / independent)

Landing (These Are Not Records)

Petridisch (Illuminated Paths / Metropolitan State Productions)

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