Roundup – Hassle Fest 7 Super Mega Blowout!

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With little to no press support, Hassle Fest 7 achieved 111% funding – far exceeding the initial 10,000 goal.

As mentioned in this Linkedin article by yours truly, none of this would’ve happened without the hard work of Boston Hassle volunteers, as well tweets/retweets/Facebook mentions by countless labels, blogs and organizations (Hausu Mountain, Obsolete Units, Brattle Theatre, Vanyaland, Sound of Boston, Allston Pudding and Brooklyn Vegan, to name just a few).

Here’s a comprehensive look at what Hassle Fest 7 is all about:

Write Up – Jenny Usovicz Interviews Mini Dresses

Write Up – Sarah Moylan on Dreamcrusher

Write Up – Dan Shea on Whip Appeal

Write Up – Joanna Trachtenberg on Negative One

Listomania – Record Labels of Hassle Fest 7 – New Amsterdam Records, Fire Talk, Tzadik, Warp Records and more

Mixtape – Bands of Hassle Fest (IV)

Hassle Fest 7 Press, Mentions and Blog Posts

Hassle Fest 7 Headliners – Flipper / David Yow

Write Up – Boston Hassle reflecting on Hassle Fest 7 Performers – featuring collective writings of Damon Hastings, Will Mayo, Greg Witz, Michael Passarini and more

Roundup – Mixtapes of Hassle Fest I-III

Hassle Fest Mixtapes Plus – Stream Eclectic Sessions Vol.1 – compilation by Local Ramp label that features 4 Hassle Fest 7 bands (Palberta, Cloud Becomes Your Hand, Guerilla Toss and Curse Purse)

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