Review – X: The Human Condition – S/T (Hypnotical Entertainment / Nova Music Productions, Inc., 2010)

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X: THC is a project of Michael Nova, a composer, filmmaker and producer, who, with this album, explores a wide range of human emotions. Its also supposed to be more than just a mere record, but rather a whole audio/visual experience, as there is an accompanying film explaining what the record is all about.

All that aside, this is a record that seems out of step with time (and intentionally so, as one can hear traces of countless 90s industrial/trip-hop/electronic bands in the band’s sound).  While its production never disappoints, the music sometimes does.

There’s nothing to criticize the band for, performance/production-wise, yet there’s a feeling that it was all done before and done better by some of the listed influences (Massive Attack, Portishead etc). There are some exceptions to the rule (“Human Flood”, “Sleeping With One Eye Open”, “Don’t Cry”, “Worth Fighting For”) , but all in all, it feels like there’s simply something missing.

“X: THC” (the album) lacks the spark will take to another level and while good in its own right, it just simply doesn’t seem to stand too well in comparison to its influences. At the same time, it would be interesting to see whether the band will be able to take it anywhere, as this sort of style doesn’t seem to be common these days.

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