Reading Room – James Toth, Cuneiform and more

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Roundup of reading/food for thought from January/February of 2018 – featuring James Jackson Toth (Wooden Wand), Damon Krukowski (Galaxie 500, Damon and Naomi) and more!


Too Much Music: A Failed Experiment in Dedicated Listening

And then one day, a revelation: It occurred to me that it was no longer just difficult to hear all the music I’d amassed, but impossible. I mean literally, mathematically impossible: I calculated that if I lived another, say, 40 years, and spent every minute of those next 40 years — that’s no sleeping, no eating — listening to my collection of music, I would be dead before I could make it all the way through.

IHN Discussion Thread – A Proposal – featuring Aaron Cooper, Slim Chance, Echoes and Dust

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Josh RoilandAllison Hussey

How to Be a Responsible Music Fan in the Age of Streaming

Musician and writer Damon Krukowski explains how streaming services are failing artists and listeners, and what we can do to fight back.

DC-Area Record Label Cuneiform Has Gone on Hiatus

It looks like there will be exactly 33 1/3 years between the company’s first and last releases. “I can’t run an office on free,” says its owner.

IHN Discussion Thread – featuring TinselBullet, Bunkytown, Truck Stop Rent Boy

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TinselBullet | WFMU

Best Buy to Pull CDs, Target Threatens to Pay Labels for CDs Only When Customers Buy Them

If the majors don’t play ball and give in to Target’s new sale terms, it could considerably hasten the phase down of the CD format.

IHN Discussion Thread
– featuring Matt Horowitz, Silber Media, The Irish On Fire

How the Compact Cassette is Making a Comeback

By now you’re probably aware that vinyl record sales have continued to surpass expectations, growing exponentially year-after-year for more than a decade. But, what you might not have heard is how cassette tapes are making a comeback in a big way, and it has a lot of “tapeheads” reissuing some really intense music, reviving a culture once considered obsolete.

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