My Bloody Valentine – MBV

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Q: What does Kevin Shields thinks  this is – 1991?

A: He’s probably more than aware that its 2013, but nonetheless…

Everything on MBV’s latest opus (which you can stream here) alludes to “Loveless” – even the song titles.

Perhaps following the “if ain’t broken don’t fix it”, MBV’s latest is more of the same ol’ ol’ as indicated by the hypnotic drones/guitar buzz of “She Found Now”.

More proof that formula developed on “Loveless” still works 20 years down the road.

File under: 90s, shoegaze, noise-pop

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2 thoughts on “My Bloody Valentine – MBV

  • Butthead

    Mbv sounds the same as loveless. I' don't know what album your listening to. The first three tracks sound similar, I'll give you that but the album is a different direction. It isn't nearly as ambitious, but for a band that hasn't released an album in 20 years, it's impressive how modern and relevant it is.

  • I saw that My Bloody Valentine streamed the entire album on YouTube. When I heard it, I saw a lot of people compare it to Loveless. While I could see their point, I liked that they inched themselves away from the sound of Loveless a little bit to add some new soundscapes to their arsenal.

    I enjoyed what they did with their album, and in terms of comparing it to Loveless (there will be those), I say they can stand together pretty well.

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