Killing Joke Special – Grand Finale + Poll Results

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Time to reveal Killing Joke special in its entirety…

Mixtape – features videos and audio clips from all of the band’s official albums, as well as a teaser for new album MMXII

Covers – featuring Helmet, Metallica, Econoline Crush and more

The Death And Resurrection Show – details on upcoming documentary about the band

Guilty By Association Mixtape – featuring Murder Inc., Damage Manual and Pigface


And finally its time to reveal the results of Best Killing Joke Album poll!

All in all – 69 votes were cast and the winner is Killing Joke / self-titled album from 1980 with 13 votes.


The rest of the results look the following way:

What’s THIS For…! – 7 votes

Killing Joke (2003 ) – 7 votes

Night Time – 6 votes

MMXII – 5 votes

Hosannas From The Basements Of Hell – 5 votes

Brighter Than A Thousand Suns – 4 votes

Extremities, Dirt & Various Repressed Emotions – 4 votes

Pandemonium – 4 votes

Absolute Dissent – 4 votes

Revelations – 3 votes

Democracy – 3 votes

Fire Dances – 2 votes

Outside The Gate – 1 vote

The Courtauld Talks – 0 votes


For more info on Killing Joke, visit the band’s official website.

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