Cover Highlight – Red Fang – Carjack Fairy (Cherubs)

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Carjack Fairy is recorded like way totally into the red like maybe all the way into the purple where the helpful scurriers dwell. Play this for yer mom and dad and they’ll raise your fucking allowance and then you can buy that used Ford Pinto with the rebuilt engine and non-existent radio antenna.



While noisy Texans Cherubs are long gone, their spirit still lives on through the likes of Red Fang.

RF covered Carjack Fairy on their 2010 limited-edition EP (which also features their takes on Wipers, No Talent + one original track).

Original appeared on Carjack Fairy7″, ¡Cinco Años! compilation and Cherubs odds-n-ends collection Short Of Popular (all on Trance Syndicate).

Check out the original here


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