Best of Lists – 2012 – C. Reider

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An ongoing list of this years best music recommended by IHRTN’s collaborators and friends.

First up is C. Reider, whose project Drone Forest contributed to the first volume of Gone In 60 Seconds compilation.

As he points out:

Just like last year’s best-of, I’m only going to recommend free downloads, because that’s primarily what I listen to.

Some of his selections include:

Ademen – Self-Titled (Audition Records)

Daniel Barbiero – Not One Nor (Zeromoon)

Alex Charles – Audio For Noisy Rooms (Petroglyph) / Trevenec (Linear Obsessional)

Words I Regularly Misspell Including “Calendar” and “Publically” (Self-Released)

Conure – Surrounded By Pages (Treetrunk)


See the entire list here and/or visit C. Reider on Twitter.



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