Battle Of The Bands – Giraffes Eating Lions vs. Whores

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Welcome to the first IHRTN battle of the bands – ever!


In the left ring of the corner, we have Whores –  a trio out of Atlanta which channels spirit of bands like Helmet and RATM (minus the rapping) through their music. “Daddy’s Money”, the first track off of their debut EP Ruiner lays down the law well with its heavy bass/drum stomp.

In their own words:

We were in other bands. Now we’re in this band. Soon we will all be deaf.

Commercially moribund.


In another corner, we have Giraffes Eating Lions – a band out of  Indianapolis, which also got one debut EP to their name so far (its free for download too – grab it here). At times, their music is reminiscent of Jesus Lizard (“Pisseth”) and at times it just sounds like a freewheling fireball of noise (with a bit of dynamics thrown in for a good measure).

In their own words:

midwest schizo-noise booger punks vomiting grunge bullshit on anyone who will stand still long enough.


You hold the keys to the answer – which band is the best? You can also vote for both, if that’s more to your liking…

…And may the best band win!


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