7 Guest Mixes from 2017

Wrekmeister Harmonies – Favorite Podcasts + Music + Movies Nine Over 9 by Mario Epstein Grubbs Heart Noise by David Grubbs Doom Mix Sampler by Doom Trip Records Bay Area Mix by Diego Aguilar-C. (Noriegas) Best of 2017 Mix by Krzyzis Third Kind Late Night Tapes & Netlabels Mixtape 2017 by Third Kind Records

Listening Room – January 5, 2018

The Voyeur – Puppets (Moon Myst Music) – recommended by Cry Baby Sleep Bob Mould – Star Machine / The Descent (Live) – recommended by DR JYTAA Yardss – If You Find Me Let Me Know, Existential Pilot Vessel (Self Group) Glacis – Flattened Shadows (featuring William Ryan Fritch) (22.16.04) – recommended by Lost Tribe Sound […]

10 Guest Posts / Reviews From 2017

  Guest Posts What the Eff is Blind Bunny? (David Breather) Grant Hart Tribute (Scott Creney) The Three Sides of Cyanide Valentine (Chris Bynes) Premiere: Alosi Den – Have You Met the Dead Poets (Sonichole / Nicholas Panagakos) Reviews Airspace – S/T (Thor Maillet) HD in 360p – This Reality is Thinly Established (Chris Bynes) […]