Psychic Lemon - Frequency Rhythm Distortion Delay (Album Artwork)

Review – Psychic Lemon – Frequency Rhythm Distortion Delay (Tonzonen Records)

Oh FFS, this talented bunch know how to punch all my buttons without even trying. Recalling early Russian Circles / ...
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Asian Electronic VHS Compilation - Nasty Wizard

Review – Asian Electronic VHS Compilation (Nasty Wizard)

The concept is simple, to quote the Bandcamp webpage Nasty Wizard Recordings have decided to celebrate the glorious medium of ...
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Review – Sun City Girls – Torch of the Mystics

Over here in the U.K. our music press has always had a bit of a soft spot for music that ...
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Review + Stream – Ramleh – Circular Time

Firstly, this baby’s a double. Thirteen tracks. Two hours or so of your life will be taken from you as ...
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Review + Stream – Dreamcrusher – Hackers All Of Them Hackers EP

Dreamcrusher is playing in Boston on November 6th as part of Boston Hassle Hassle Fest.  I’ll be honest. I love ...
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Supersonic Festival 2011 Report From Grant Hobson

Author's Disclaimer : This is a purely subjective review based on the acts I saw, and that didn't include all ...
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Reviews – Picayu / Makoto “Om Sweet Home” / Hey Colossus “RRR” / Dead Elephant “Thanatology”

This trio of releases from Riot Season offer up free-rock shocks aplenty. If a label is to be judged by ...
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Review – Wiliam Bennett – Cut Hands

This is William Bennett's first "solo" album. After 30 years of provoking distaste and death threats with Whitehouse, the musical ...
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Review – Austerlitz -“Austerlitz”

Austerlitz are a three-piece electro-indie / art-punk band from Paris. They boast, and I quote from their PR, "Virtuosic keyboard ...
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Review – Crater Tater – Primera Musicka de Tater

This 2010 album of "Experimental / Prog / Rawk" (their quote) from four Florida "Taters" . Each is named respectively, ...
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As Built PR SXSW & Beyond (Summer 2011) Sampler – Review

This sampler contains 25(!) tracks of new and unreleased music from the current Boston scene. By anyone standards, that's a ...
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Father Divine – Requiem for Intellect (Review)

These self confessed "mean-spirited iconoclasts" talk a good game. Go to their website -  Yes. These boys are all ...
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Review: Whoarfrost – Whoarfrost (Engine, 2011)

This Baltimore trio of "noise / freejazz / freakout" enthusiasts seem to be playing live for the duration of this ...
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Review – Sexton Creeps “The Sour Acre”

This Netherlands collective marry their Bad Seeds / Velvets Influence with a certain tendency to Godspeed dynamics with just a ...
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P for Persia – Coral Canyon (Review)

This is the second release from this unsigned Brighton, instrument-swapping, four piece and it's a delight. Taking in a comfortably ...
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