5 Covers From Skyjelly

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When a band comes along called Skyjelly, you generally can’t help but take note.

A fourpiece of Skyjelly Jones, Scott ‘Sheik’ Levesque, Dave Melanson, and Eric Hudson, Skyjelly deal in the self-described genre of “Improvisational Guitar Noise Pop Blues Psychedelia Left Field Soul Loops”, and while it might sound like a mess, it’s ultimately brilliantly enjoyable.

While Skyjelly released only one official EP so far, there’s a number of tracks floating around the net and a huge chunk of those are covers. Albeit, none of those are your average run-of-the-mill covers and here’s a proof:

You Don’t Move Me (original by Keith Richards)

Gamma Ray (original by Beck)

Vocals have a bit of a soulful twist, still trippy though. Nice touch! Cool tremolo instrumental section (guitar solo?) too – The Future Heart

Pilot Jones (original by Frank Ocean)

Chain Chain Chain (original by Red Red Meat)

When You Sleep (original by My Bloody Valentine)

just a big muff and an acoustic guitar and some free time…song by kevin shields and my bloody valentine. performed by me dave melanson.

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