Review – Glacier – Though Your Sins Be As Scarlet…

Though Your Sins Be As Scarlet, They Shall Be White As Snow

Opening with bruising reverb chords and a drum beat that sounds like a body being dragged slowly down a staircase then develops into some kind of dark psychotic march with a unnerving percussive skip! An uneasy calm builds backed with a distant sermon preached to the damned as the darkness seems to recede and the light takes on a sickly glow accompanied by gentle semi acoustic plucking. Gradually the pace quickens as the dark clouds roll in again and more crashing chords and cymbal rapidly snuff out the light completely as the planet spins off into oblivion.

Though They Be Red Like Crimson, They Shall Be As Wool

More heavy chord work alongside an incessant bass line and stabbing cymbals. Circular doom laden riffs lead into the serene void but the atmosphere is kept disturbingly edgy with soaring guitar notes sounding almost middle eastern in origin, now fierce drum rolls alongside the underlying dirge peak and trough before eventually fading into silence.

Streaming and vinyl pre-order on 7.7.17 at

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