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Listening Journal – 01/07/17

Listening Journal – 01/07/17

Jute Gyte – The Sparrow (via Blue Tapes UK)

Damian Valles – Frameshifting (via Anti-Gravity Bunny)

Contemporary Dance (compilation) (via RenKonter)

E – Great Light (via Thrill Jockey)

Interbella – Exotix

The Girls – Jeffrey I Hear You (via CCCharleyCCC)

Pan Daijing – Exile (via rsa_archive)

Tim Rowe – Excursions (via Jessica Pink)

Excavation Series 2 – Le Vile Cut Out (via Zach Lauterbach)

CLYMTN – Earth Serpent (via Owlbinos)

Whores – I See You Are Also Wearing a Black T-Shirt (via Argus 99)

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