100 Great Singles From New England of 2016 – 1-10

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Skyjelly – Subway Rider

Sometimes we all need to face the snake that was abandoned for far too long on the subway tracks

Cody Mallet & The Austin Powers – To the BBC

Even better than the real thing (with apologies to U2)

Walter Sickert & The Army of Broken Toys – Dull Boy

Redrum she wrote, as Mummy and Daddy’s screams were drowned out by the clacking of typewriter keys

Happy Little Clouds – Beneath

Raunchy grooves and bastard blues buried beneath the killer guitar licks

Lady Pills – Secondhand Trash

This is how it ends

Empty Vessels – Two Skeletons

Another (and no less morbid) way to end it

Earth Heart – Demons

A dream of being possessed by something giant and sweaty

Krem ôn’ Wo͝ol – Milk Wraith

Dark and long train (with apologies to Underworld) carrying fragments of chaos to nowhere

Ryan Huber – Etonian

Clickety clack typewriter rhythms doing their wonderful song and dance

Tin Flowers –  Searchers

Joy Division dancing to the happy beat

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