Guest Mix – Silver Shields

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Silver Shields is the musical project of Shropshire-native vocalist and producer, Darrell Carter (described as “psychedelic noise-rock – for funerals only”).

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Thought Forms – Afon

This track is taken from the 2013 album, Ghost Mountain. Beautiful, haunting vocal, sparse percussion, Afon is an interesting departure from the sonic assault of the rest of the album:


Hood – They Removed All Trace That Anything Had Ever Happened Here

Hood are a band I’ve found myself revisiting time and time again.Their music sounds like it was recorded on the bleakest winter day in the band’s hometown of Leeds, which if you’ve ever been to Leeds, kind of explains a lot


Bracken – Heathens

After the demise of Hood, vocalist/guitarist Chris Adams recorded a solo album under the name Bracken. Basically, more bleakness but underpinned with an experimental, electro sound. Adams is a true British unsung indie legend


Syd Barrett – No Good Trying

Every song from the Madcap Laughs album has a story to it, with musicians finding it impossible to keep up with Barrett. Robert Wyatt, Hugh Hopper and Mike Rutledge from Soft Machine did their best on this track, which stops and starts and stops again. When Wyatt asked what key the track was in, Barrett replied: “That’s funny”. Genius:


Gravenhurst – The Diver

Gravenhurst was the musical output of British singer/songwriter Nick Talbot. From folk to shoegaze freak-out, The Diver showcases Talbot’s amazing vocal and guitar style. Beautiful songs, with the darkest of lyrics about murderers, murdering and death, the juxtaposition between the playing and the lyrical content is simply fascinating. Sadly Talbot passed away in 2014 aged just 37. RIP Nick


Liars – Plaster Cast Of Everything

My Friday night song. This sounds like the kind of music Beck would make if he was on crystal meth. Accompanied by one of the most disturbing music videos ever. Utterly terrifying and brilliant in equal measures. Stay off the brown acid, guys


RIDE – Drive Blind

If there was one band that stood out amongst the shoegaze/alternative bands of the 90’s, it was Oxford’s finest, RIDE. They managed to combine 60’s pop sensibility with the avant-garde, sounding heavy, sexy and druggy along the way. The first four EPs and debut album Nowhere are British indie masterpieces. Oh, and they recorded them all pretty much by the time they were only 23 year’s old. Simply ace:


Jessica93 – Away

I’ve just got into this band. Post-punk/psych/shoegaze from France. Drum loops, distorted bass lines, repetitive guitar hooks, what’s not to like? Check them out


The Wytches – Digsaw

From the 2014 Anabel Dream Reader album, Wytches are the sound of Jack White fronting a Nirvana tribute band playing riffs from Bleach. Awesome:


Beak> – Wulfstan II

What do you do when you grow tired of being a member of one of the most influential British dance bands of the modern era? Geoff Barrow decided he’d try something different from Portishead and created Can-inspired Beak>. We love him for it






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