Flashback of the Day – Ativin – sLOVEnia

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Ooh Do I Love You

sLOVEnia (caps intentional) is a track that Bloomington, IN band Ativin contributed to anti-sexual violence benefit compilation Ooh, Do I Love You in 1996 (other contributors included Rainer Maria, Promise Ring and Braid).

What it resembles most closely (to these ears, at least) is Good Morning Captain – minus the screamed vocals. The band’s MO is mostly in start-stop/low-to-quiet conversion and they certainly demonstrate it very well there – what initially sounds like a very non-threatening ebb and flow eventually turns into a tidal wave of aural violence with the last 30 seconds or so featuring a wall of pummeling drums and distortion.

Check out the track here (via There Is No Black and White blog).



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