Single Review – Pink Avalanche – In Empty Spaces (Past/Futures Records)


Rating: 3/5

There’s nothing wrong with wearing your influences on the sleeve. Judging by “In Empty Spaces”, a single off of their debut album “The Luminous Heart of Nowhere”, Pink Avalanche do so proudly – echoes of Unwound, Husker Du, Arcwelder and countless other indie heroes abound in their music. It doesn’t hurt that the band hails from Chicago – home to Touch & Go Records and Jesus Lizard, among many things.

The problem is that they don’t take it all the way through the way that bands like Unwound and Husker Du did at their peak. While the melody and poignancy are certainly there, the song doesn’t really turn into something worthy of being played over again and again.


You can check out the single here.

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