Download – Preview of Boston Not LA Vol. 3

Spring is in the air and its time for a brand new digital comp from I Heart Noise!

Volume 3 of Boston Not LA is currently being assembled and you can check out preview here. Here’s a list of 6 artists that contributed so far:

School For Robots – Megaf​^​@​%​!​ng Man  –  new project of Abram Taber, a frequent contributor to past IHRTN comps. Think QOTSA-inspired madness.

Skyjelly – 6 is Silent – Psychedelic extravaganza from Skyjelly Jones, another frequent IHRTN contributor.

Mary Casiello – I Can’t Be Tamed – An anything but ordinary take on *cough-cough* Miley Cyrus from this Michigan native. Had Miley sounded actually sounded like this, IHRTN would’ve bought all her records (alas, she doesn’t, thus this song became part of a project called “Songs I Hate”).

Con-Tex – Somehow There You Are – An otherworldly contribution from this song & sound conjuror and a member of the Whitehaus Family Record.

Andrew Geano – In The Mouth of a Desert –  heartfelt take on Pavement original.

Twink – Close To Home – Mike Langlie and his toy piano conjuring the childlike magic.




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