IHRTN Time Machine – ’08 – Boss Hog, Cosmic Psychos and more!

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Time to dive into IHRTN history again – featured this time is a collection of info on bands that put out their material via the almighty Amphetamine Reptile label!


Boss Hog – Jon Spencer’s post-Pussy Galore unit – nowhere near as controversial as PG, but still crazy in a good way.

Bushpig –  Noisy Aussie punks with ties to King Snake Roost, Thrown-Ups and Lubricated Goat.

Calvin Krime – Sean Tillman’s (Har Mar Superstar) first band.

Casus Belli – A.k.a. Anthony Martin, formerly of Bastards.

Chokebore – Honolulu combo that relocated to LA in the early 90s and started weaving strange tails about coats, insects and water.

Cosmic Psychos – Original Aussie drunk-punks – an influence on…Pearl Jam!


Also – check out AmRep Mixtape #1 and Glorious Din From Down Underas well as updated articles on CK, Psychos, Chokebore and Boss Hog.


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