Converge In The News – Aug. ’12 – Upcoming Album, Split With ND and more!

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As mentioned before, Deathwish Inc. is now offering a split between legendary grindcore/death godfathers Napalm Death and Converge.

The sole original that Converge contributed to the split (As The Light Escapes) is set to appear on their upcoming eighth studio LP All We Love  We Leave Behind.

Symbolically, Epitaph Records decided to release the album on September 11, 2012.

Read whatever little details available about the album on Thrash Hits, Heavy Blog Is Heavy (which features an Instagram image of the work in progress from Jake Bannon) and/or American Aftermath.

Check out the live video footage with two new songs from the album – here and here.

Finally, the band announced that they’re going to play Fun Fun Fest and FYF Fest alongside the likes of Turbonegro, X, Fucked Up, Napalm Death, Public Image Limited and many others.

For more info check out Converge Cult – the band’s official site.


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