My Bloody Valentine In The News – June 2012 – Remasters, Singles Collection and more!

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It sure is a busy season for shoegaze godfathers MBV…

Kevin Shields used to be completely opposed to the idea of the band’s reunion, but recent years resulted in a slew of appearances from the band and even a possibility of new album appearing on the horizon.

According to Wiki,  Shields and the band said that new album was 3/4th finished in 2007, but as of 2012 the new album is nowhere to be seen.

Still, Shields certainly talks a great deal about it – case in point? His recent interviews with Consequence of Sound and  Pitchfork.

So keep your fingers crossed…

In the meantime, both of the band’s full-lengths (1988 Isn’t Anything and 1991 Loveless) were remastered by Sony Music.

Sony also released EPs 1988-1991 – double CD collection which includes 4 of the band’s EPs (You Made Me Realise, Feed Me With Your Kiss, Glider and Tremolo), plus a slew of extra tracks.

Check out Good For You – previously unreleased MBV track from the compilation.


And finally…check out Pitchfork Weekly #13 below (rewind all the way to the end, since there’s too much fluff in there) to hear Shields speaking about the remasters.

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