Link Of The Day – Legendary Pink Dots / Edward Ka-Spel on Bandcamp

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With a special thank you to Brainwashed


Legendary Pink Dots is an international music collective, which, for the past 30 years, was responsible for creating a kaleidoscopic mix of (often unidentifiable) genres, sounds and noises.

The band currently offers a plethora of remasters of their classic albums (including Brighter Now, The Maria Dimension and Malachai)  on their Bandcamp page.

There’s a possibility that music from some of the band’s side projects (i.e. Tear Garden) will also be available in the future, but for now the focus remains on LPD and their back catalog.

According to band leader Edward Ka-Spel:

When we get to titles like Nemesis Online and 9 Lives To Wonder, we will include bonus LP-only material mastered from the original tapes. When we get to cassette releases, we will present them in the original versions


Speaking of Ka-Spel…his numerous solo albums are also available for streaming/purchase on his Bandcamp page.


For more info on the band’s current activities check out LPD’s official site and/or their Facebook page.


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