Unsane Special – Pt. 4 – Review – Pigs – You Ruin Everything

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Label: Solar Flare

Rating: 3.5 out 5


I can’t help but feel that most of the projects associated with Unsane do sound fairly similar to the band itself (not that its a bad thing – we all need a bit more of Unsan-ity in our lives anyway…)

And so is the case with Pigs – Brooklyn band which brings together half of Players Club / JJ Paradise Players Club (Dave Curran and Jim Paradise) plus a newcomer – Andrew Schneider who produced the likes of Converge and Keelhaul.

If you’re familiar with modern day hardcore/noise, you already know what to expect from “You Ruin Everything” – sludge, sludge and more sludge (going from creepier/slower kind on “Massive Operator Error” to jackhammer boogie of “Whitewash”). Obligatory distorted vocals and guitar noises/effects are also included in the  package.

If you expect variety or any surprises, look somewhere else.  “Ruin” is all about the trademark chaotic/noisy hardcore – same kind that Unsane became known for (with a slight math/post flavor to tracks like “Outburst Calendar” and “Small c Celebrity”) – but it does little to separate itself from the rest of similar releases.


Oh, and you can also stream the album in its entirety here.



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