Upcoming – Bob Mould’s Solo Dates + Details on “The Argument”

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Bob Mould is going to hit the road in the early 2012 with selected dates featuring performances from Blowoff and others featuring “See A Little Light: An Evening of Reading and Music” – a combination of readings from his autobiography and solo acoustic performances.

The tour will feature stops in Washington, Denver, Philadelphia, New York and Seattle.  Check out Bob’s homepage for more info and dates.

Grant Hart is currently working on a double album entitled “The Argument”, which will be based on John Milton’s Paradise Lost. Last year saw the release of So Far From Heaven / Morning Star single (via Con D’or label), which featured two tracks from the upcoming album.

Manic Pop Thrills blog offers a bit of a back story on both the single and idea behind an upcoming album.  You can also check out live versions of So Far From Heaven / Awake Arise – two songs from The Argument – below.

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