Watch / Listen – The Flaming Lips With Lightning Bolt EP

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Early 2011 saw the release a collaborative 12-inch EP between Lightning Bolt and Flaming Lips (via Lovely Sorts Of Death / Warner Bros).

The 4-track EP is available in its entirety on Youtube thanks to Psychic Explorations Of The Future Heart and Flaming Lips Free. Check out the clips below:

1.  I’m Working At NASA On Acid

2. I Wanna Get High But I Don’t Want To Get Brain Damage

3.  NASA’s Final Acid Bath

4. I Want To Get Damaged But I Won’t Say “Hi”

And if you want to buy an actual vinyl version of an EP, head over here. Beautiful psychedelic design for each copy of the EP was created by Daniel Huffman / New Fumes.

Review: PopMatters | Mackasaur

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