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Review – Nervous Sex / Drums Like Machine Guns Split (Abandon Ship, 2010)

Nervous Sex MySpace Page

Drums Like Machine Guns MySpace Page

This is a split between two bands out of Pennsylvania, both of which play noise but with a slight hint of difference.  NS approach is more fractured and twisted, while DLMG is more about straight-ahead noise.

The two of them don’t sound too different  from one another – its still noise and perhaps nothing new can be said in that genre. Nervous Sex track is a continuation of the style that was heard on “Creep Sea”, while DLMG add a bit of electronic effects to the mix (in fact, their style resembles a crossover between digital hardcore and noise).

Unfortunately, this split doesn’t accomplish much – all three tracks are way too long and shock of hearing another noise band wears out fairly quickly once you realize that there’s not much variation/ideas. Recommended only for die-hard noise fans.

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