Review – Chris Rehm – Salivary Stones (Chinquapin, 2010)

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“Salivary Stones” is the third solo record by Texas musician Chris Rehm (also a member of Caddywhompus and Riff Tiffs) . Much of  it comes across as half-baked / half-finished, although some of the more developed tracks appear towards the end of the record.

From the very beginning, the title track pushes its way through in all of its noisy glory and next two tracks (“Don’t Leave Me Blue” and “Up Blazes The Hot Lust For Having”)  don’t deviate from the formula too much. The rest of tracks are ambient/drone works, the best of which is “Not Thinking About The Future”, awesome in its quiet serenity (“Soggy” is another good one, with starts out as a drone track, but actual melody and singing appears by the middle of the track).

The approach taken on “Not Thinking About The Future” and “Soggy” works the best in this case and unfortunately a lot of other ideas presented on this album come across as sketches that simply go nowhere.

You can hear / buy the entire album on Chris’s Bandcamp page.

Favorite Tracks: Not Thinking About The Future, Soggy

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