Review – Endless Endless Endless – Black Talisman (Self-Released, 2009)

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Endless Endless Endless - Black Talisman

EEE is a duo of Brett Refner and James Tichenor, who use anything from guitars to Gameboy to create droney/layered soundscapes. “Black Talisman” is their debut album.

The common thread running through all the albums tracks is a modified human voice – looped, echoing and distant, its use resembles the way that vocals were treated on many of  shoegaze records.  Then there’s also plenty of guitar effects/electronic effects/squiggles – on “A Way” they seemingly grow out of one another (helped by primitive drum beat), while “Distortions” is a bit more sinister guitar/synth track.

All in all it sounds…intriguing and resembles some of the ambient/electronic music of the 60s/70s in all of its analog glory. If there’s one downside to it all, then its the fact that it doesn’t lead anywhere in particular and most of the ideas are used in the first couple of minutes of most tracks. If that doesn’t sound like a turn off and you like minimalism/ambient/drone music, then this might be a good choice.

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