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Note – there was also a Canadian band by the name of 100 Flowers, which released “21st Guessing” LP in 1989.

Urinals was a rock band from Southern California that formed in 1978. Their lyrics were called “punk haiku” due to band’s minimalist approach. The band was known for complete inability to play instruments and the constant use of two chords. They influenced many bands including Minutemen, who covered their song “Ack Ack Ack”. Video for Minutemen’s cover was directed by Urinals frontmen John Talley-Jones and became Minutemen’s last due to D. Boon’s death.

Urinals changed their name to 100 Flowers (after chairman Mao’s quote) in the 80s, but broke up and reunited as Urinals again in 1996. They also performed under a name Chairs of Perception (possibly a parody of Aldous Huxley’s “Doors of Perception), but reverted to their original name in 2008.


Band Members:

John Talley-Jones (Radwaste, Vena Cava)

Kjehl Johansen (Trotsky’s Icepick)

Rob Barker

Kevin Barrett

Robb Roberge


Fun Facts:

– They became a first punk band to perform in China. In 2005, they played at  Chaoyang International Pop Festival in Beijing. (Wikipedia)




The Urinals

Urinals EP 7″ (1978 / 2007)

Negative Capability…Check It Out (1997)

What Is Real And What Is Not (2003)


100 Flowers

Presence Of Mind 7″ (1982)

Drawing Fire 12″ EP (1984)

100 Years Of Pulchritude (1990)


Compilation Tracks:


I’m Like You” on Human Music (Homestead, 1988)

I’m A Bug” on Faster And Louder – Hardcore Punk Vol. 1 (Rhino, 1993) / Punk Territory Vol.1 – U.S.A. 1976-81 (Anthology, 1994) / England’s Dreaming (Trikont, 2004)

Ack Ack Ack” on Punk Territory Vol.1 – U.S.A. 1976-81 (Anthology, 1994)

100 Flowers

Reject Yourself” on Hell Comes To Your House (Bemisbrain Records, 1981 / Time Bomb Recordings, 1997)

The Long Arm Of Social Sciences” on The Best Of The Radio Tokyo Tapes (Chameleon Music, 1987)

Salmonella” on Keats Ride A Harley (Happy Squid Records, 1981 / Warning Label, 2005)

Sensible Virgins” on Keats Ride A Harley (Happy Squid Records, 1981 / Warning Label, 2005)



The Urinals – I’m A Bug – from 1979 “The Another” EP (audio only)

The Urinals – Ack Ack Ack (audio only)

100 Flowers – Strip Club (audio only)

100 Flowers – Without Limbs (audio only)


Visit band: The Urinals / 100 Flowers – Official Site

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