Amphetamine Reptile – A-Z – Gaunt

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Columbus, Ohio band which was active in the 90s. Their lead singer Jerry Wick was killed in a motorcycle accident in 2001.

Associated Bands – New Bomb Turks, V-3, Rocket From The Crypt, Seger Liberation Army


Split With New Bomb Turks 7″ (1991)

Whitey The Man 10″ (1992)

Jim Motherfucker 7″(1993)

Solution 7″ (1993)

Split With The Beavers 7″ (1993)

National Postal Museum 7″ (1994)

Sob Story (1994)

I Can See Your Mom From Here (1995)

Yeah, Me Too (1995)

Cheater’s Heaven 7″ (1996)

Kryptonite (1996)

97th Tear EP (1998)

Bricks And Blackouts (1998)

Live (1994)

Transistor Sister

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