100 Great Singles From New England of 2016 – 11-20

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Magic Shoppe – Salventius

A disturbingly captivating collision of cars in the outer space

James Discovers – Born Desire

The first of four new JD numbers – the one in which “desire” isn’t rhymed with “higher” or “fire” (thankfully)

Violet Intent – Manic Pixie Dream Girl

Getting high on Bobby McDonald’s supply (with apologies to Apollo 440)

Dyr Faser – Suicide Singers

Summoning the spirit of Alan Vega

Doomsday Student – Angry Christmas

Fun Christmas of a video / angry Christmas of a song created by these men that you know

Pink Navel – 1957-fxr-upr.dev

Feels like living in a video game (must be those psychedelic keys triggering the feeling)

Petridisch – 01

Dead Can Dance to this particular lamentation

The Monsieurs – Jack of Heart

Gloriously sloppy punk’n’roll mess

Albert DeMuth – Love Song From Lee Harvey Oswald to Jackie Kennedy

An unlikely romance captured by a mysterious troubadour from Rhode Island

Emerald Comets – Lost in  Our Land

Sunday afternoon seen through a cloud of smoke

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