100 Great Singles from New England of 2015 – 21-30

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Big Nice – Upwards

Wonderful tribute to Thin White Duke (r.i.p.) from Bradford Krieger (Big Nice, Soft Fangs, Magic Magic)


Whitey – Deadbeat The Slug

This song is a healthy dose of heavy down-home blues with quirky rhythms and a grimy twist of sludge just to keep things interesting (HeavyPlanet)


Via App – Baby K Interaction

The artist in question is Via App, aka 20-year-old Boston producer Dylan Scheer. Scheer’s framework might be techno, but it’s the way her productions bubble and fizz around the form that make Dangerous Game so effective. It probably feels a little awkward to compare her music to Grouper, but occasionally the comparison is pretty accurate as Scheer coos wordless, reverberating vocals over her dusty set of 4/4 rhythms and woozy synths. (FactMag)


Kal Marks – Dorothy

Boston’s Kal Marks write music that attempts to navigate the ickiest things about being human. “Dorothy” is Life Is Alright, Everybody Dies’ debut single, which Shane says was written about a friend who struggled with mental illness. (Stereogum)


Ryan Huber – Death of Institution

Huber gives his listener a shadowy space in which to sit and get all introspective, but he also feeds them beats and pulses. The quieter side of things dominates Aleksandr, but both sides of the equation hold up. Another deep-dive-worthy outing from Ryan Huber. (Hypnagogue)


Out of Habit – Peace

All the things i want to say without words…original by Lisa Marie & Nicole Dubois-Berkowitz


Future Spa – Next to You

Future spa was born on the 4th of july in a prisoners of war camp on the southern tip of uranus.


Bloodstream – Breeze

“Breeze” does not play like a band’s debut to the world. Bloodstream present themselves as a collective force that is ready to meld easily with the current scene. Forceful, yet fragile, the band’s sound will gravitate listeners who have been constantly spinning Run For Cover’s discography as of late. Sure to resonate strong with fans of Superheaven, Citizen, Balance And Composure and more, Bloodstream take soaring guitars that create massive walls of sound backed by drone rhythms and a tight, but assertive rhythm section. (Under the Gun Review)


Sun JNGL – No More

Many Moons Music
Murky Electronic Shit


Steep Leans – Nightmare City

Steep Leans balances murky garage-rock and bright guitars for a polished sound that still maintains some sort of rawness. “Nightmare City” features sweet dreamy psych-rock riffs and longing vocals of a rougher tone. It’s the kind of track you blast when you’re driving away from your hometown for the last time, cruising in search for anything bigger, if not better. (Stereogum)

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